Close Call

"What's your hurry little one? I'm here to speak with Troy, my Troy." The woman in black says. "Troy, how do you know this woman who would put a hand on me?" Anne demands in a furious state of mind. The scene plays out before Anne's eyes as the woman in black leaned over giving her the deepest intimate tongue kiss lasting an eternity then she lets go of head. Anne arms fall limp by her side as if under a spell. The women in black just wipe her lips with her finger and Anne opens her mouth to accept it and starts to suckle it like a baby. There is a loud crash from the bar as the bartender cleans up the mess. "Good girl, I see you enjoyed how I taste there's no shame in that." The woman in black tells her. There's a cool wetness from sweat running down the middle of Anne's back. It stains her beautiful, red dress while trying to size up what has happen and found she was unable. "By the way, were did you get that dress? I love that shade of red," The strange woman asks, "Never mind." She says. Everyone eyes are on me as the woman in black steps a breath away from me face. We are so close there is the slight familiar scent of orange blossoms mixed her own scent. "How did you know?" I ask, still smiling. "It has always been your favorite. I wear it only for you and at times I have no control of it when we are together." She whispers. "Thank you. This will be the best day ever." "No thanks required you've always enjoyed my scent. It's reminds you of me and it’s your only weakness." She says. I looked down at Anne, "Did you have to kiss her like that?" I ask. "Yes, it seemed appropriate. You should see the ideas going around that rat cage of her mind. She is so confuse because she enjoyed every moment. I must admit, I'm the better kisser." I respond, grinning from ear to ear, "I bet you are."

Front Row Seating

© Chris Malone 2015